Actually, I Am…

Review Time! Poor Asahi Kuromine. The guy just wants a normal high school experience. Unfortunately, he is known as a “Leaky Basket” as he is incapable of lying or keeping a secret, which pretty much ruins his chances of being in the know of anything. Worse yet, he is utterly transparent about his crush on the beautiful but quiet Youko Shiragami. His friends fear that it will end the exact way it did when he had a crush on the strict student representative Nagisa Aizawa: Shot down before he could even confess. Undeterred, he heads to his class room after school, knowing Shiragami is always the first to arrive at school and last to leave. But as he enters the class room, he is shocked to find out Shiragami is anything but normal: she has a pair of enormous bat wings coming out of her back, has two pronounced fangs and has bats fluttering around her! In short she is a vampire! A Kansai vampire, as when she starts talking her accent slips out. Despondent over the fact that someone now knows her secret, Shiragami is ready to leave the school behind, when Kuromine steps up and hurriedly swears to keep her secret and be her friend! He soon finds out that, far from the “Cool Beauty” she wants to be known as, Shiragami is actually a bubbly air head who hasn’t realized Kuromine’s feelings for her. He also soon realizes that Shiragami is far from the only supernatural student: whether it be that Aizawa is actually a tiny alien, his obnoxious, scoop obsessed childhood friend Mikan Akemi has a fortune god in her glasses, Shiragami’s perverted, gender swapping werewolf friend Shiho/Shirou Shishido, or their demonic principal (and their homeroom teacher’s great great grandmother) Akane Koumoto. This is all too much for one Leaky Basket to handle! Actually, I Am… is a fun show, but ultimately feels a little underwhelming. The humor is good, though there were only a handful of times where I really was laughing hard. I also feel like Shiragami’s vampireness is underused, as, aside from a few minor things, she is no different from any other student. I also feel like the show is just getting started, but it hasn’t gotten (and probably won’t get) a second season. There is some fan service, especially anytime Shiho is on screen (she is a self professed pervert after all)! All in all, I found it to be decent, but not list worthy. But who knows: one of you out there might counter me when I ask, “Is there a fan of this show out there?” with the answer, “Actually, I am!”

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