Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Review Time! For a certain priggish, shy second year, all he wants to do is work on his manga and paint. After years of people teasing him about it, he has learned to turtle up and just shut them out. However, one day in the library, when his manga pages fell out, a group of girls make fun of them and then leave. All, except one: an impish, tan first year named Nagatoro. With the biggest grin in the world, she proceeds to tease her “Senpai” to the point of tears. While Senpai soon has to deal with this menace every day, he also quickly finds out that her behavior towards him is anything but normal: when she hates someone, she is cold, blunt and terse. And is it his imagination, but is she blushing when she teases him? Could it be that she teases him because she actually likes him? And is he starting to like her? This doesn’t make any sense! With an interesting premise and an irrepressible main girl, Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro is a fun take on the genre. The actual comedy is somewhat light, but Nagatoro’s energy makes this a joy to watch. While she is certainly mean to Senpai, you can’t help but love her fun and often flirty nature. But what really sells it are the times when she herself gets embarrassed and the tables are flipped. It is also hilarious when her friends start teasing Senpai and Nagatoro flips out, either by saying they have gone too far, or by stopping one of them and being protective of him. Now how exactly a romance can grow from this, I don’t know. There is also a fair amount of fan service, especially near the end of the season, as two of the buxom Art Club President’s pieces are her in the (almost) nude. I will also say the opening number is great and I listen to it every time (usually I skip the opening number to get to the show). So here is hoping we got more on the way, though it could be a while, but we shall see! Though who knows, we could be saying, “Please Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro”!

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