Young Justice

Review Time! Everyone knows and respects the Justice League, but what about those that live in their shadows? The proteges, the sidekicks, and those that don’t have a place with the big League yet. For Robin, this is a perfect opportunity to form his own group, The Team, made up of those who want to make their own mark on the superhero world. People like Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Super Boy, Artemis and Aqualad, all working together to prove that they are just as much heroes as those they aspire to be like. But being a hero is an easy way to be targeted, and these young heroes are about to find out just how dangerous it can be! With memorable characters, an interesting story, and a surprisingly mature approach, Young Justice is an impressive show that is truly unique. Many underused DC heroes and villains pop up, and it is always interesting to research them every time they appear. What makes this show stand out, however, is how it shows the lives of the heroes unfold and helps emphasis that these are teenagers: uncertain, often scared but with their hearts in the right place. As Season 4 is in the works, we will get to see these heroes in even more action! As long as it keeps up with the quality it has shown so far, I won’t complain!

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