Justice League: The Snyder Cut

Review time! What happens when someone has a vision, but due to events beyond his control, must step aside, and another is put in to finish it? Doesn’t the original creator get the opportunity to finish what he started? But the better question we have to ask is: was it really a good idea in the first place? When it is Zack Snyder and DC, I’m not so sure… Justice League: The Snyder Cut is a 4 hour (yes you read that right) tour de force of Zack’s particular brand of film making, but not for the better. Compared to “Josstice League”, it is over bloated, dower, and in many ways worse. Plus it also have a number of F-Bombs which all seem really, REALLY out of place. Many of the character moments that helped humanize our heroes are gone, replaced by more grim and long winded talks about nothing. There are even continuity problems that arise from it, and it was made after the movies that it is retconning, even though the movies take place after it in universe (it is confusing, trust me). What is worse, is that the things Snyder could’ve fixed, knowing how things went, he didn’t, and many of the cringey or embarrassing things people hated from Joss Wheadon’s version originated here! Zack was the Cringe all along! Possibly the worse offense in all of this is the continuing narrative with Zack turning Superman from the big blue boy scout, a man who is a symbol of hope, to this all powerful god of destruction who is only not killing everyone and everything because of Lois Lane, for reasons! This has always disturbed me, as it is a betrayal of Superman’s character, and more so, Clark Kent: Jonathan and Martha Kent were lucky that Clark didn’t snap earlier, otherwise the whole world would be doomed! Zack seems to be enthralled by this vision of making Superman being one bad day away from joining Darkseid. I just want Henry Cavil to keep smiling: he has a wonderful smile and Zack is WASTING IT!!!! All in all, while the gesture of it getting made is good and a solid win for fans everywhere, I personally cannot recommend The Snyder Cut. Justice League was only decent, and this does NOT salvage it: it makes it worse. Honestly, I think it is too late for DCCU, felled by hubris and corporate shortsightedness. Oh well, at least there are still some good DC shows elsewhere…

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