The Amazing World of Gumball

Review time! For most people, the world might seem rather ordinary. But for one blue cat, his world is anything but: his name is Gumball Watterson, he has a pet/brother named Darwin (an orange fish with legs, don’t ask), an incredibly intelligent 4 year old sister Anais (who is a rabbit), his stressed out, workaholic cat mother Nicole, and his lazy rabbit father, Richard. Also his school is awash with strange and weird characters: balloons, paper bears, cacti, a 4 million year old ape teacher (who revels in making the student’s lives miserable) and many more! Honestly the only thing you can say about his world is: it’s AMAZING!!!! With top notch animation, with various styles at play, excellent writing (where the jokes come hard and fast, and are often delightfully self-aware) and with tons of charm and heart, The Amazing World of Gumball is quite unlike any cartoon you have ever seen! Gumball and Darwin are a delightful pair, as Gumball has a razor wit and unbridled self assurance often leads to ridiculous situation, where Darwin is often the voice of reason. There is a whole treasure trove of delightful gags, references, homages, and love letters to nerd culture that go the extra mile from what most shows do, that show the creators really know and love what they do. So come on and join the fun! I think you will find that Gumball’s world really is amazing!

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