The Quintessential Quintuplets

Review Time! For high schooler Futaro Uesugi, life is not going well. His family is deeply in debt, and as such he is overly conscious of his expenses, even going hungry to save on cash. But one day, a beautiful girl sits next time him at lunch and asks him to tutor her, given that her grades are abysmal. He turns her down, only to find out later that she is the daughter of a client who wants Futaro to tutor her, at 5 times the going rate. Futaro tries to warm back up to her, but she is surrounded by 4 other girls, who seem very protective of her. When he finally gets to her apartment, he is shocked to see all 5 in the same house. Come to find out, they aren’t her friends: they are her sisters! These 5 girls are all identical quintuplets! They are, from oldest to youngest (not that it matters a ton, given they are quintuplets, but still): Ichika, laid back and easy going; Nino, prickly and outright hostile to Futaro, seeing him as an interloper; Miku, shy and quiet, and never without her headphones; Yotsuba, a bundle of joy and energy, who warms up the fastest to Futaro; and Itsuki, the one he first met, and not too happy that he turned her down and now is their tutor. While teaching 5 beautiful, busty girls would seem like any guy’s dream, there is one big problem: they all have horrible grades and all of them hate studying. To this end, Futaro will need every tool at his disposal to get these ladies to actually pass, if he has any hope of getting his family out of debt. But there is one interesting wrinkle to the story: at the very start, there is a flash forward that shows Futaro on his wedding day, and the bride? One of the quintuplets! But who he gets with and how is a big part of this story. So strap in, because it is 5x’s the beauty, 5x’s the headaches and 5x’s the mystery! The Quintessential Quintuplets is a fun romp, with good humor and lots of lovely sisters. Finding out about each sister’s personality is enjoyable, and you start having favorites soon. One big issue with the show, however, comes from the fact that the 2nd Season is done by a different animation studio, and the drop in quality is noticeable. Also, while there are big hints at which sister he gets with, the issue is, that since the girls like impersonating one another, we can’t take anything at face value, until he actually proposes to one. There is a movie that comes out next year, that should be the conclusion to the series, and then we will know for certain. Until then, however, we will just have to wonder. Then again, you can always pick your favorite and say that is canon. I mean it’s like Allie and Allie’s sisters! (Bonus points if you get this reference!) So give it a watch, and decide for yourself if these girls really are Quintessential Quintuplets!

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