The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Review time! Things are not going well for Sorata Kanda. Stuck in the rundown Sakura Hall, with its gaggle of very strange occupants: hyperactive and overly flirtatious anime creator Misaki Kamiigusa, the playboy writer Jin Mikata, and the reclusive tech wiz Ryunosuke Akasaka (who only communicates through his A.I. program, Maid-chan). The teacher in charge, Chihiro Sengoku, is hardly the model instructor, more interested in drinking and trolling for men. Fed up with the situation, Sorata is determined to get out, only he can’t because of his habit of picking up stray or abandoned cats, which has made it impossible for him to live in the normal dorms, due to the “No Pets” policy. But everything changes, one spring day, when Chihiro asks Sorata to pick up her younger cousin at the train station. What he finds there is a cute girl with long blond hair, who turns out to be an amazing painter. The only problem is that the girl, Mashiro Shiina, has so fully dedicated all her attention to drawing, that she can’t function outside of this. She can’t dress herself, do her laundry or buy anything without someone helping her. As such, it is decided to have Sorata on “Mashiro Duty”, and while he is annoyed by this at first, as Mashiro’s complete lack of social propriety or common sense make her a handful to deal with, he soon realizes how talented she really is. The group is soon joined by Nanami Aoyama, a classmate of Sorata, who is studying to be a voice actress and is as straight laced as they come. However, as time goes on, Sorata realizes that Sakura Hall has a special charm to it, a place to feel like home, make great friends and maybe even fall in love. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (or Sakura Hall) is an enjoyable show, which combines good humor, a fair amount of poignant moments and lots of feels. There is also fan service throughout the show, so a heads up to any who watch it. This show really shows off that even though we can work hard, not always are we rewarded right away, but sometimes it is not the result itself that matters, but how we grow from what we experience that matters. It is also a very tight race, love wise, of who gets with Sorata, and, while I won’t spoil anything, I think Nanami is someone very special! So if want to see a wild bunch of students trying to figure out life and love, give it a watch! But just make sure to put someone on Mashiro Duty!

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