Kiss Him, Not Me

Review time! “A Prince belongs with a Princess”. This is established fact, but not to Kae Serinuma, who instead says, “A Prince belongs with a Prince”! This overweight fujoshi, an otaku who specializes in BL and yaoi, can’t stop fantasizing about pairing her male classmate up with each other. However, everything changes one day when her favorite anime character, Shion from the show Mirage Saga, unexpectedly dies, sending her into a deep depression. For a whole week, she does nothing but sulk, not even eating out of her sadness for her beloved Shion. However, when she finally gets up at the insistence of her family, she is shocked to find out that she has lost a ton of weight, and is now beautiful. Her newfound beauty does not go unnoticed, and soon she is surrounded by guys: Yusuke Igarashi, approachable and friendly with a snarky side; Nozomu Nanashima, prickly and abrasive, who also happens to look like Shion; Hayato Shinomiya, a first year whose delicate frame is a source of constant frustration for him; and Asuma Mutsumi, a third year who is Kae’s senpai from the History Club, soft spoken and mellow. But even though she looks dramatically different on the outside, the inside hasn’t changed one bit, and she still is as much a fujoshi as ever. Only now she has to reconcile this with the fact that now SHE is the center of affection, when she would much rather be watching the guys get together, all the while she is drooling from the sidelines. Kiss Him, Not Me is a hilarious romp, one that had me busting up laughing repeatedly throughout its runtime. Kae herself is the source of a lot of these laughs, as though she becomes beautiful, she can flip on a dime to becoming the same drooling, obsessive fujoshi she was before. If Lovely Complex had the exaggerated mouths, this one has the eyes, as Kae’s eyes go crazy as she starts fantasying about all of her BL match ups. The rest of the cast are also great, as very often the guys are confused when ever Kae breaks into one of her tangents and have to try to understand what is going on. Also numerous times they are forced into reenacting yaoi-esque poses, much to the delight of Kae. So if you want a sidesplitting comedy, with a reverse harem edge, check this out, you will not regret it! Although why are the guys trying to kiss the girl? They should Kiss Him, Not her!

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