Review time! In the quaint, New Jersey suburb of Westview, Wanda Maximoff and The Vision are settling in, with a darling 50s aesthetic, canned laughter and hijinks aplenty! But something is stirring beneath the surface, an undercurrent of mystery and intrigue. What will emerge will change the MCU forever, and pave the way for the next Phase of comic book film/tv awesomeness! WandaVision is an excellent miniseries, which combines the fun of sitcoms of decades past, an intriguing mystery that slowly unfolds as the series progresses, and an expanded look into the MCU. Special props should be given to Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, who absolutely nail it as Wanda and Vision in each of the different decades they inhabit, and just in their own personal moments. Wanda especially shows off a range and charm I hadn’t seen from her before and it shows that Elizabeth Olsen can be an exceptional actress. A delightful side cast help round out the show, and it juggles the tone from lighthearted sitcom to dark and disturbing expertly. One scene in particular in the first episode is handled in an incredible way, as the camera and lighting change the show’s look from Dick van Dike to The Twilight Zone, which shows a level of attention to detail that few other shows do. Overall, the love of sitcoms past is on full display, and it shows in every frame, every witty line and every cleverly constructed intro. This show is a must see for any Marvel fan, and I am very interested to see what is coming. Though for Wanda, the next stop: The Multiverse of MADNESS!!!!

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