Mr. Mayor

Review Time! When the previous Mayor of Los Angeles has a (very) public mental breakdown on TV, retired billboard magnate Neil Bremer decides to run and wins, much to the surprise of everyone. He is joined by Arpi Meskimen, a hyper-progressive councilwoman of 30 years; Mikaela Shaw, his social media obsessed Chief of Staff; Tommy Tomas, his chief strategist; and Jayden Kwapis, his eccentric and often clueless Communications officer. Having to juggle being Mayor, with all of its problems including the ballooning cost of palm tree maintenance, avocado shortages and the ridiculous problems of the idle rich (mostly in Brentwood), Mayor Bremer also has a teenage daughter named Orly, whose angst only adds to his frustrations. No one said the job would be easy; just that it needed to be done! Mr. Mayor is a fun look into the world of politics, with a goofy cast and several ridiculous set ups. Ted Danson does a great job in his role as Neil Bremer, who still has the charisma that served him so well on The Good Place. The rest of the cast, while having fun moments, are ultimately forgettable for the most part. The humor is decent, though it was great to see that this show makes fun of all sides of the political spectrum, and also shows just how shallow and out of touch a lot of rich people can be, especially in Los Angeles. The season is only 9 episodes long, and no word on it being renewed or cancelled, so we will just have to see. For now, we can rest easy knowing that LA is in good hands. Or at least we hope it is…

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