Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Review time! This time with a classic 90s sit-com! Sabrina Spellman is your typical freshman, living with her Aunts (sisters, not an alternative couple) and a black cat named Salem. Well, at least that is what she thinks, until she discovers that she is in fact a witch, her aunts are witches and Salem is actually a witch, who, as punishment for trying to take over the world, has been turned into a cat! As if navigating adolescence wasn’t tough enough without dealing with Other Realm relatives, the ever fickle demands of the Witches’ Council, and spells gone awry. So, SO many spells gone awry. But I suppose that it is just the price you pay when you are a Teenage Witch! With fun comedy and a lovable cast, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a enjoyable romp, but not without a few wrinkles. Sabrina herself, while played by the darling and occasionally witty Melissa Joan Hart, doesn’t grow much as a character, and the difference between 1st season Sabrina and 7th is that she has a better grasp on what her spells do (but their consequences are often just as disastrous). Her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, are also lovely and provide a fun balance, as Hilda is the fun-loving and often flippant aunt, while Zelda is more serious and responsible. Harvey Kinkle (Sabrina’s first love interest and later reoccurring guest) is fun, in his innocent doofy sort of way. But the main star of the show in terms of comedy is Salem Saberhagen, voiced by the ever so talented Nick Bakay, whose pathetic whimpering, surprised gasps and terrified yelps are hilarious every time, and his witty retorts are always a guaranteed laugh! I can’t say that the show is deep in any sense, and it is very formulaic, but if you are looking for a fun nostalgia trip, or just want to hear a sassy black cat mouth off to a bunch of witches, you can do a lot worse!

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