So I’m a Spider, So What?

That’s weird… I could’ve sworn we were all in school just a minute ago. But now I’m in a cave, and I have… EIGHT LEGS?! I’M A SPIDER NOW?! Thus begins one of the more unusual isekai adventures, as this little white spider, nicknamed Kumoko by the fans (as she really doesn’t have a proper name), discovers that as she was human not long ago, now she must fend for her life inside a deadly cave system. Faced with combating toxic lizards, vicious apes and her cannibalizing siblings, this spunky little arachnid is going to have to gain skills and levels, and fast, if she stands any chance of surviving. Not only that, but the outside world is in turmoil, as many of her other classmates have also been reincarnated, and are engaging in a war against the Demons. Will Kumoko survive long enough to regroup with her classmates? And how exactly would they react to know that she’s not exactly human anymore? So I’m a Spider, So What? is an excellent twist on the Isekai genre, full of action, humor and intrigue. One of the biggest points in favor of this show is the fact that, unlike about 80% of other isekais, Kumoko isn’t all powerful. In the wise words of Qui-gon Jinn, “There’s always a bigger fish”, or in this case, spider. She becomes more and more powerful as the show goes on, but each big fight she engages in are tooth and nail affairs, barely surviving, and often times having to employ some clever tactic to win. This is highly refreshing, as even some of the more enjoyable isekais start becoming boring, when it is clear that the protagonist always has the solution and is never really in any danger, since they are massively overpowered compared to the world around them. It makes her progress feel so much better and her gains and victories all the sweeter, knowing what she had to put into the battle in order to emerge victorious. The other main line story with the human characters is less interesting, in my opinion, mostly because watching cute little Kumoko battle it out and get stronger is just too good, but it it necessary, along with finding out some interesting things later on. So if you want to see a scrappy little spider take on the world, go and check it out! Just make sure not to make her hungry, don’t want to give her a power boost or anything…

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