My Dress-Up Darling

“You’re so creepy, Wakana! I hate you!” With these words, Wakana Gojo was crushed. The most beautiful thing in the world to him, hina dolls, was demeaned by a childhood friend. Years later and starting high school, these wounds have still not healed. Though he still loves to practice making them, he is ever worried what might happen should someone find out. But one day, someone does find out: the popular, beautiful gyaru Marin Kitagawa. But instead of finding it creepy, she thinks it’s beautiful. She also has a secret: she wants to get into cosplay, owing to her being a massive otaku. The two then start up a friendship, as Gojo makes costumes for this bubbly bombshell. But for Kitagawa, things start taking a slightly different turn, one of the more heartthrob variety. With hilarious and heartfelt moments, an enthusiastic main girl and a sweet romance between these two, My Dress-Up Darling is a special treat for all! Kitagawa is so cute in everything she does and when she starts falling for Gojo, you can’t help but love it! The biggest downside to this show is that it has a fair amount of fan service and it can seem excessive at times. But there is still plenty to wuv and I hope you do too! This is currently 8th on my list of Romcom Anime, but things could change with this current season. For now, check out My Dress-Up Darling, it is a darling show!

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