A Sister’s All You Need

Review Time! Itsuki Hashima has big dreams: to become a best selling light novelist! But there is one thing standing in his way: his own obsession with little sisters. All of his novels are focused on little sister romances, making his stories very niche. As he struggles towards fame, he is accompanied by fellow novelists Haruto Fuwa (friend and rival) and Nayuta Kani (bestselling novelist and infatuated with Itsuki), and his college friend Miyako Shirakawa (who is considering a job as an editor). He also has younger brother, Chihiro (who is actually a sister, but due to his obsession, has to hide her gender!), and together they face the daily struggles of dead lines, lame anime adaptations and the struggles of love. Though to be honest, I do NOT recommend this show: the humor is sporatic, with a lot of it coming from sex jokes, there is so much fanservice it goes into ecchi territory (even some sections being censored visually but the audio still happening, meaning there is an uncensored version out there somewhere), and the only character I connected with Miyako, as she is often bullied by Nayuta to strip naked, and it was more out of pity. Itsuki has little personality outside of being a SisCom, and Nayuta is a sexual deviant with a nudity obsession, so basically I don’t care about either of them. Any emotional moments in the show fall flat because the truth is I don’t care about these characters. This is going toward the bottom of my list, and honestly you would be well to do yourselves all a favor and avoid this show like the plague. That is, unless you enjoy fanservice. If you’re like me, you do NOT need to watch this show.

2 thoughts on “A Sister’s All You Need

    1. Sal right, Mart. All you need to know is this: this Anime (A Sister’s All You Need) is not worth watching. And I’m working on another video as well, I’ll keep you posted.


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