Review Time! During the Infinity Stones Heist in Endgame, one unexpected event occurred: the Loki of 2012 stole the Tesseract and escaped. Whatever happened to him? Well, it turns out that he didn’t get very far, as he was swiftly captured by the Time Variance Authority, an organization in the 31st century designed to keep time in its preordained flow, and prune any branching timelines. Loki is deemed a variant and is set to be pruned himself, when an agent named Mobius suggests that he would be of better use finding another Loki variant that is killing TVA agents. But what Loki discovers on the way will change the MCU forever, and all time. Loki is an intriguing, but ultimately disappointing show. Tom Hiddleston is the highlight, however, as he always is, and since he recently said he would play Loki for as long as they will let him, I say, “Play away!” Owen Wilson was also delightful as Mobius, and the buddy cop vibe he has with Loki is great fun. However, the show has a number of contrivances and plot holes that make it difficult to get behind. There is also the point of the Variant Loki, where it seems we want to be sympathetic with them, but I found myself not feeling it, especially due to some revelations late it the show, which VL turns out to be a hypocrite (which another character points out as well). While I am intrigued to see where the show (there will be a season two) and MCU go from here, apart from Loki’s charm and the incredible effects, it is hard to recommend the show. If you have Disney+, check it out if you want; if for nothing else than to see more of the God of Mischief and his Glorious Purpose. I’ll be here: Always and For All Time!

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