Review Time! Of all the Marvel Villains, few are as unique as MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), a giant headed freak in a hoverchair. Known for being a technological genius, having devastating mind blasts and controlling AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a company bent on world domination, MODOK is one of the most feared villains in the world! Well, at least he was, until recently: AIM is bankrupt and bought out by tech giant GRUMBL, his marriage to his wife Jodie is on the rocks due to one too many of his self-centered schemes went awry, and now even his kids, Melissa (who looks like a female version of him) and Lou (normal looking, but very out there), are feeling estranged. Now MODOK has to try and rebuild his life, get his company back, and somehow salvage his family situation. And maybe pull off a heist or two! Why can’t life be easy for a super villain? With hilarious comedy, lots of obscure Marvel references, and a surprising amount of heart, MODOK is a fun ride from start to finish. Patton Oswald is the titular villain, who self aggrandizing manner lends itself well to someone who has a head the size of his ego, and while most of the time MODOK might not seem too smart, given how intelligent he should be, there are plenty of other people that are WAY dumber than he is. Melissa Fumero of Brooklyn 99 fame brings her wit as MODOK’s wife/ex-wife Jodie, showing how these two have stayed together for as long as they have. There are lots of other fun side characters, including the one armed AIM agent Gary, and the never appreciated Super Adaptoid. Many of the Marvel characters that appear were so obscure, I had to pause and look them up, but it was a blast when I could say later, “OH! NOW I know who that is, cool!” There is a lot of blood, but it is in the cartoony style of Robot Chicken, so that is something to be aware of. The language never gets beyond PG-13 and there is some sexual material, but it is all blurred out, so it’s not too much. All in all, if you want a delightful romp with one of Marvel’s stranger villains, give it a watch! I mean, enjoyment is the AIM after all, right?

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