Review time! Eita Kido is sick of love! This comes from both his parents divorcing, and moving out with their respective lovers, leaving him to fend for himself. He decides to instead focus all his efforts into studying, so he can get into Med School and find a way to help his neighbor and childhood friend Chiwa Harusaki (who most call her Chiwawa, like the dog, due to her diminutive size). However, things take a turn for the complicated, when silver haired beauty Masuzu Natsukawa suddenly confesses to him in class. While walking home, Eita figures out quickly that she has ulterior motives and Masuzu reveals that she too is antilove: being bombarded by endless confessions, she would rather fake having a boyfriend to ward them off. Masuzu then blackmails Eita into helping her, by showing off a chunibyo filled journal he used to have and threatens to release it to everyone unless he goes along with her scheme. She also starts the “Club for Maidens to Recreate Themselves”, a club to help young girls become more popular, in which she regularly reads from the Diary of “Burning Fighting Fighter” (Eita’s imaginary persona, as she is just reading from his journal), claiming to adore the words of her “first love”, much to Eita’s consternation. As Chiwa herself has loved Eita for years, she is not taking this lying down, and is determined to win him over. Throw in the shy, chunibyo loving Himeka Akishino (who claims to be Eita’s girlfriend from a previous life, Burning Pudding Princess) and the hall monitor Ai Fuyuumi (who knew Eita in kindergarten and had him promise to marry her), and you got a recipe for trouble. With fun humor and an outlandish set up, Oreshura is enjoyable, but I wouldn’t say outstanding. The humor is good, but the jokes that land are sporadic. Some of the interactions can be fun, especially with Chiwa employing her kendo skills and calling out where she is attacking. All in all, it is decent, but not something I can particularly recommend highly. If you want, check it out. Although it seems like Eita’s girlfriend and childhood friend will never stop fighting!

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