Top 10 Star Wars Characters I Want to See Next!

Given the awesomeness of the Season 2 Finale of the Mandalorian, and the upcoming slate of Star Wars shows, I thought it was time to put out what I think would be some great additions to the Star Wars small screen. Whether they be returning favorites from the shows, Legends classics, or even some familiar faces, here are the Top 10 Star Wars characters I want to see!

10. Dengar

While not the most well known Star Wars character, Dengar is significant in the fact that, in Legends, he was the reason that Boba Fett survived his escape from the Sarlaac Pit. Having found him in the Tatooine desert and healed him, it is rare to see a bounty hunter care about one of their own. While he did cameo in Empire Strikes Back, having him on screen would be interesting, if there is any canon connection at this point. Knowing how Favreau and Filoni love introducing Legends material into canon, and we still do not know how Fett survived (plus there is The Book of Fett coming up), it would be a great time to show off this unusual story.

9. Zeb

As The Mandalorian has been consistently adding in characters from Clone Wars and Rebels into live action, I would not be surprised to see Zeb show up. All we would need is for him to show up in one episode, once again voiced by Steve Blum. It would also be fun for Mando and Zeb to trade their signature “swears” (Carabast! Dankfarik!).

8. Ysanne Isard

Given that we are going to get a Rogue Squadron movie, that would be the perfect time to reintroduce this most sinister of female villains. She was terrifying when I first read about her, and her unique appearance makes her utterly memorable. Plus her scheme is one that is unsettling, trying to create a pathogen to blight Coruscant so that the New Republic can’t use it.

7. Wedge Antilles

Yes, I know, I know, he was in the Original Trilogy, and he was great in that. But given that Rogue Squadron is coming, why not reintroduce Rogue Leader, albeit with a younger actor? Granted I don’t know when Rogue Squadron will take place, but seeing the Rebellion (and New Republic)’s top ace again would be amazing!

6. Kyle Katarn

As we saw Luke collecting Grogu, we know he is rebuilding the Jedi Order. And seeing as he fought through an army of Dark Troopers, it is only fitting that the man who is both the destroyer of Dark Troopers and a Jedi also come back. You could even introduce him in the Rangers of the New Republic, working under Cara Dune, when on one mission he develops Force powers (and before imply that he has heightened awareness given his Force sensitivity). At the end of the show, he could go off to train with Luke, to hone these new abilities he is discovering. Given how well loved the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games were, I would love for Kyle to come back!

5. Sabine Wren

As it is heavily implied that the Ahsoka series is the search for Ezra, Sabine is going to be front and center, as we see her at the end of Rebels, and she was very close to Ezra (and there might have been a little romantic tension between the two, eh eh, nudge nudge, wink wink). Seeing her technicolored Mandalorian armor would be a great addition on screen, and would add to the emotions as her and Ahsoka try to find their wayward friend.

4. Ezra Bridger

The main target of the search, Ezra is mostly likely the end goal of the Ahsoka series. He also holds the key to altering the course of Star Wars, as he has entered the Veil of the Force, and could potentially stop the Sequel Trilogy from happening. Whether or not Lucasfilm will actually do this is debatable (and also incredible rumor bait) but the Veil of the Force is going to be used, as the background of the Ahsoka series does show a design that is very reminiscent of it. We shall see.

3. Dash Rendar

Yet another character that was popular from the games, this one is a personal favorite of mine. Shadows of the Empire was an outstanding piece of Star Wars media in the mid 90s, and helped push the EU into being. I also have a costume of him (though it is falling apart from age, as it was made back in ‘07). Having him return would be amazing, and could either show up in The Mandalorian, Rangers of the New Republic, or even have a “rematch” with Boba Fett in the Book of Fett. Plus, Clone Wars made the Black Sun (and Xizor’s race) canon, and we saw a ship very much like the Outrider in the Special Edition of A New Hope, so all the pieces are there, we just need that swaggering, cocky redhead himself. Oh and add Leebo as well.

2. Mara Jade

And speaking of redheads, now that Luke is back and as awesome as ever, it is time to reintroduce one of the best female characters in Star Wars! As Zahn and Lucasfilm had a mutual understanding that Mara Jade would only appear on screen if both parties approve, I think we are getting closer to having a situation where Zahn would let her back in. Having Mara Jade come back, even as a part time antagonist before switching sides, would be a welcome sight for the fans, especially if she meets up with Luke in the end. Because we all know what is going to happen after that (I want Ben Skywalker, dang it!). More than that, Mara is just an awesome character in her own right, and having her be back in canon would be so good! We shall see!

1. Grand Admiral Thrawn

As Thrawn is my personal favorite villain in Star Wars (and one of my favorite Star Wars characters period), and he was name dropped in the Mandalorian, his time is indeed coming. As he was last seen with Ezra, he will be the main antagonist of the Ahsoka series. Given how good of a portrayal they gave him in Rebels, the Ahsoka series could very well give us a close approximation of the Heir to the Empire series as we can get. Seeing the Grand Admiral in action would also be spectacular, as I have often imagined how it would be to see in real life. He is coming, we know that and I can’t wait!

So that is my list! There are others that you guys must be excited about that did not get on this list, so let me know! Is there someone on the list that you are more excited for than others, or am just WAY off base with this list? In any case, drop me a line and let me know what you guys think! Until then, May the Force be with you!

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