Review time! Back in the early 90’s, a certain cartoon show made its mark by being, to quote the main theme, “Zany to the max!” The Warner Bros, along with the Warner Sister, caused mayhem and hilarity where ever they went. Well somebody thought it was a good idea to bring them back on Hulu. Turns out, they were right! Animaniacs is back, with a brand new season, featuring the original voices actors! While there are some modern sensibilities and a couple of sketches that are not quite so funny, when the Warners are doing what they do best, it is a riot and feels just like old times. Honestly the show feels like it did back in the original run, and I look forward to what Season 2 holds. That’s right, we are getting more of these guys! So just sit back and relax: you’ll laugh till you collapse! They’re Animan-y, totally insane-y, Ani-man-i-acs! Those are the facts!

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