My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Review Time! Now that the last season has dropped, time to do this properly! Hachiman Hikigaya is jaded in the extreme, believing that High School is nothing more than a parade of fake people living fake lives. However, when his teacher reads his essay with this being the topic, she is not impressed and decides to help him by forcing him to join the newly created “Service Club”, where the members help fellow students with whatever projects they have. Joined by the “Icy Beauty” Yukino Yukinoshita, a cold and reserved individual, and the bubbly energetic Yui Yuigahama, the three set out to help the students of the school. But Hachiman’s own self loathing often leaves him as the bad guy just to get the job done, and eventually feelings emerge that threaten to tear the group apart. That is, if anyone actually wants to present them, instead of dancing around the issue. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (also known as My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as Expected) is an interesting take on the genre. There are a fair amount of laughs, particularly in the earlier seasons, since when the feelings start coming to the surface, it gets very emotional. The romance also is nonexistent in the first season, as the closest anyone gets is immediately shut down by the “Dead fish eyed” Hachiman. But as the second season closes out and the third season continues, the romance picks up steam and it is a guess until almost the end who he is going to end up with and there are more than a number of moments where your heart aches. All in all, an interesting anime, though not one I would necessarily put into my top 10. Though it did go up on my list from its original spot, and the relationship is good in the end. Though not gonna lie, Yui is so cute and “Yaharro” might be a greeting I use in the future. Although, I suppose it makes sense that this is not your typical RCA: It is Wrong, as Expected!

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