Comical Psychosomatic Medicine

Review time! Did you ever want to know about various topics in psychology, such as ED, depression, paraphilias, or anxiety disorder? Well, with this fun and funny anime, you can learn a lot in 5 mins! Join Dr. Shinnai and his nurse assistant Asuna (soon enough joined by her two sisters, who are also nurses) as they delve into disorders, often times with persistent screams of “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!” Comical Psychosomatic Medicine can be a great refresher for anyone studying psychology, or just a good laugh if you need it. Some fan service, yes, but there are episodes that deal with paraphilias, so sometimes it is unavoidable, and often the show plays into the joke of fan service itself. All in all, a fun ride, and since the whole show is about 100 minutes long, you can easily binge it in an afternoon. So go ahead, give it a watch, and who knows: you might just learn something!

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