This Art Club Has a Problem

Review Time! Poor Mizuki Usami: all she wants is to paint and have fellow Art Club member Subaru Uchimaki notice her (romantically, of course). But for the Art Club at Tsukimori Middle School, things are not as Usami would want: the President of the club sleeps all the time, one of their members (Collette, a foreigner) is constantly AWOL (and more than a little weird), and Uchimaki isn’t interested in 3D girls; he only has eyes for creating the perfect 2D Waifu, so that is what he draws 24/7 (much to Usami’s consternation). At times it seems Usami is the only normal person in this club! Will she be able to finish her competition pieces in time? Will Uchimaki ever notice her? Will the President get off his lazy butt and actually paint something?! Don’t hold your breath. This Art Club Has a Problem is a fun and often humorous show, one that will have you thankful your clubs are much more stable than this one. Usami herself is ever so cute, but endlessly frustrated at her own club members, and looking at the shenanigans they get into, it is not hard to see why! It is weird, though, to remember these are middle schoolers: though some could be seen as being about that age, the President looks like a Senior in high school! Just weird is all… So go ahead, lay back, relax, and maybe get your sketchbook out, and just enjoy this charming little series. As long as no one messes with Usami’s paintings that is. A problem, nothing: This Art Club has SEVERAL Problems!

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