The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Review Time! After the events of Endgame, the world is trying to go back to normal. For Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, and Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, life is just not the same without their mutual friend and symbol of freedom, Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. Bucky is making amends for his years as Hydra’s top assassin, and Sam is doing solo ops for the Air Force and reconnecting with his sister. But when a group of terrorists known as the Flagsmashers appear with super soldier abilities, it will take both of their skills and abilities, along with unexpected allies and an old adversary, to stop them. But there is another wrinkle: The US government just appointed a new Captain America, John Walker. And he is far more the Perfect Soldier, rather than a Good Man. This is going to get hairy! The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is an action packed series, with lots of character exploration and an intriguing set up to what is going to be happening in the MCU to come. Both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mack do excellent jobs as their respective heroes, especially Sebastian evoking the guilt for the destruction he caused as the Winter Soldier. Anthony also shows great range, expressing the noble and kind spirit that had Steve Rodgers want to entrust the shield to him in the first place. Wyatt Russel, who plays John Walker, also should get special props, as playing someone who is the Perfect Soldier, the same type of person Steve Rodgers was warned not to be. Also fun fact: he is Kurt Russel’s son! Nearly every episode has incredible fight scenes, well choregraphed and showing the range of abilities of each combatant. The show does has some issues with having us empathize with the Flagsmashers, and especially their leader, Karli Morganthau, which seems to be what they are going for. Honestly, no matter who well intentioned their goals, they are still killing people. Nevertheless, it is still an awesome show, and one I recommend that you go and watch! Let’s hope we get a Season 2, as there are rumors we might!

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