Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?

Review time! For typical, mild-mannered high schooler Amatsuyu Kisaragi (nicknamed Joro), life is pretty good. He has a cute (if overly energetic) childhood friend, Aoi Hinata (nicknamed Himawari), is a part of the student council, headed by the beautiful Sakura Akino (nicknamed Cosmos), and has his best friend who is the star of the baseball team, Taiyo Oga (nicknamed Sun-chan). But things take a turn for the dismal when Cosmos and Himawari both ask Joro out, only to reveal that they both have a crush on Sun-chan! Joro is so resentful over this development that he agrees to help the girls, if only so that the loser gets with him instead. Things only get more complicated when the unattractive, flat-chested, thick glasses wearing library aide Sumireko Sanshokuin (nicknamed Pansy) reveals that she has been stalking him, and knows what his plans are for the girls. Most startling of all, she confesses that SHE is in love with him! When did High School get this complicated?! Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? is a hilarious show with a surprising amount of heart. The running gags in this show (which involve an ever-present bench and a baseball game from last year that is the genesis of WAY too many events) just get more and more ridiculous as the show goes on. Joro himself is also hilarious, as his many asides and sarcastic insights are always appreciated, especially when he realizes when people are misremembering things or adding them in on purpose. There are also a number of fourth wall breaking jokes that are always appreciated. The girls themselves have some fun quirks, like the normally composed President Cosmos breaking into old timey Samurai Japanese whenever she gets flustered. There is some fan service, but it is lower than other animes like this, so that is good. The funny thing about this anime is, although it is going in the harem style, it actually makes sense how so many girls start falling for him, even when the inciting incidents start becoming ridiculous. So if you want to laugh at a truly ludicrous comedy, filled with flower puns, mysterious teleporting benches, and baseball game as a singularity, I say go for it! I mean, Am I The Only One Who Loves It?

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