Top 25 Rom-Com Animes!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Who doesn’t want to fall in love? If that is you, get out! Otherwise, here is the new and improved list for the 25 best RCAs that I have watched so far! Some RCAs have fallen off, and a bunch of new ones have taken their place! I also included a handy-dandy ranking guide to help you with where the animes fall. I also note where you can find each anime, for easy viewing. Without further ado, lets dive in!

Ranking guide: 

25-19(Decent: Worth a watch)

18-15 (Good: A fun watch)

14-9(Great: Would recommend)

8-2 (Amazing: Definite recommend)

1 (Best of the bunch: Must watch)

25. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

As the Japanese version is called (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As Expected), this is not your usual RCA. The comedy is good, but not great, and almost disappears for a while in the last season. The romance is nonexistent until the end of Season 2 and develops in Season 3. However, the unique premise, the heartfelt emotions between the characters and a very unusual love triangle make this anime a memorable one. Though for this one, I still say Yui is best girl! Give it a watch and decide for yourself! 

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

24. We Never Learn: Bokuben

An academically minded harem! The comedy is top notch and misunderstandings abound! However, this one also has the most fan service of them all, and it can be very distracting. The ending does imply which one of the girls gets the guy, but you can always go with what the manga does and choose your favorite girl!

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

23.Ouran High School Host Club

This one often goes to the top of lists of best RCAs; however, while I do find the comedy enjoyable, and the characters are certainly unique, the problem is that the romance side of the equation is greatly diminished, hence why it is this low on my list. Other shows either deliver more on the comedy side, or add a satisfying romance to boot. Its unique premise does help it, and by no means should you think that it is a bad show, far from it. Go ahead and give it a whirl, you might be surprised!

Can be found on: Netflix/Hulu

22. Love Tyrant

Whoo-boy! This anime takes the harem trope and flips it on its head! Lots of laughs (including one of the best fourth wall-breaking jokes about fanservice I have ever seen, and is my personal favorite of the series), characters with surprising depth and a goofy premise that only gets more ridiculous as the show goes on. Though I will admit, there are times the fan service made me squeamish, and I don’t care how much Akane loves Seiji and how the 4 of them are immortal, her stabbing him is still pretty disturbing. Though when she does it to Guri it’s just hilarious (often because Guri barely notices). A fun ride that you should check out (at least that’s what my eyes said!)

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

21. I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

A fun slice of life series, with short mini episodes that make for an easy to digest anime. The fact that Kaoru and Hajime are already married also makes it unique, as most RCAs are about couples falling in love, while these two are showing that marriage isn’t the finish line, it is the start of level 2! The humor is good, and the couple are cute together, while having moments where they try to figure out their lives together. A worthwhile watch, and it is short and sweet!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

20. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

What starts out as seeming like a normal harem anime becomes something far better as the seasons progress. The humor, which is a lot of tongue in cheek and self-aware humor, improves and the girls all develop as well and grow as characters. The emotional moments carry you to caring about the characters and by the end you are interested to see how it will play out. Though until the movie gets an English translation, there is not much we can do but wait.

Can be found on: Season 1 on Crunchyroll/ Seasons 1&2 on Prime Video

19. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

A delightful watch, with great humor, a fun premise and a truly unique harem, this is a show to enjoy for certain! Catarina is so much fun and watching how her world changes is a wonderful time! As there is a season 2 on the horizon, I will see how it develops! Who knows: If the second season is better than the first, it could jump a few spots!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

18. School Rumble

A delightful watch, with loads of wacky characters and misunderstandings out the wazoo! Tenma and her wagging “Fool’s Cowlicks” are endlessly delightful and Harima is equally enjoyable, whether completely misconstruing what Tenma says or spending time with his animal friends. However, given that it has 54 episodes, it is a very long RCA and not a lot happens in the time frame, plot or character development wise. Also, the relationship between Tenma and Kurasuma is not well developed, but is nice for what we got. Bonus points for two amazing opening themes! A silly show that is fun to watch!

Can be found on: Hulu/OVA 1&2 on Amazon, 3&4 On Facebook

17. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun!

This show is great for a good laugh! The humor is nonstop and I found it to be a simply silly adventure, in spite of no romance. After all, that is the premise of the show itself! It doesn’t get any higher on the list since it is just a simple, silly comedy, while many of the other animes on the list have more oomph to their stories and they actually have romances. Expect laughs and not much else.

Can be found on: Netflix/Hulu/Crunchyroll

16. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

This hilarious anime is the classic scenario of what happens when an introvert is dragged into social events by their overly intrusive extrovert friend. The humor is oftentimes side splitting and the characters themselves are also charming. There is some fan service, but it often can lead to some hilarious situations. What is funny about this anime is that as of yet, neither Uzaki or Sakurai have made any romantic overtures (though there have been plenty of misunderstandings about this). It does seem that the anime is headed in that direction, though. If anything, the other characters are more eager to see it come to fruition than the main “couple”. A great watch, and I’m excited for season 2!

Can be found on:

15. Maid-Sama!

The comedy and characters are great in this one, and the care that the couple have for each other is heartwarming. The one big problem with this series is that even in the end, Misaki is still resentful of her feelings towards Takumi, even though she does VERY clearly like him. Had it had a second season to explore the rest of where the manga goes, it would be much higher on the list. As it stands, it is an enjoyable show, but as I am not a fan of Tsunderes, it goes no higher.

Can be found on: Netflix/Hulu

14. Lovely Complex

A classic in RCAs, this one brings the laughs and the feels. The humor is great, with especial detail in the facial expressions, and is a joy to behold. The main couple, while often arguing and insulting each other, also have a ton of fun together, which makes them a joy to watch. It also has its fair share of emotional moments, especially with Koizumi and her struggles to get Otani to like her, and more than once you feel bad for her. Thankfully it keeps the tone light enough to be a fun romp, and this is one I would highly recommend.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

13. My Love Story!!

What makes this show great is watching the couple explore what it means to be in love and building a relationship, especially one where they are two very different people, especially in terms of height. The humor is great as well, however the dialog at times can be very simplistic. This is due to Takeo being a very blunt and simple person. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable show, and has many sweet moments in it.

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

12. HoriMiya

While the show’s humor is good, the relationship between Hori and Miyamura is what really sells this show. Lots of sweet, tender moments, plus fun interactions between the rest of the cast make this one an especially enjoyable one. It is essentially the better His and Her Circumstances: watch this instead.

Can be found on: Hulu/ Dub on Funimation

11. Kamisama Kiss

This show nails the comedy solidly, along with having a fun supernatural bend to it. The romance is one sided for the most part, but as it develops, you just want to see more of the pair. Fun from start to finish, the only wish I would have is to get a white talisman and ask for season 3!

Can be found on: Hulu

10. Special A

And speaking of comedy, this show is a riot! The characters all have fun quirks which give way to hijinks a plenty! The only thing stopping it from breaking through to the upper echelon is that it doesn’t quite have emotional moments that the best on the list have. Also the romantic subplot involving Megumi and Yahiro comes out of left field. This, however, is a great RCA and I would highly recommend it!

Can be found on: Hulu

9. Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You

A very unique premise, fun humor throughout and an absolutely adorable couple, this anime will warm your heart. The couple themselves are one of the best, with both Nasa and Tsukasa each lovingly sweet towards each other and always have only kind things to say about the other. The humor is delightful, and the side characters help round things out. This is also a mystery going on, which helps add a little intrigue into the show. Overall, a great addition, and I hope we get more in the future!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

8. Aggretsuko

This show oozes charm! Great comedy, a very unique premise and a cute little red panda screaming death metal is always a good time! Plus the opening is headbanging awesomeness that I will never skip! The characters also show surprising depth, and oftentimes it is heartbreaking to see little Retsuko struggle with love and occasionally life in general. But all in all, the show is a fantastic watch, and I highly recommend it to all.

Can be found on: Netflix

7. Science Fell in Love, so I Tried to Prove it!

As a fellow nerd (though less of a math guy myself) watching this anime made me so happy! The humor is top notch, the romance is surprisingly sweet and the premise is so unique that you have to check it out. Plus it is informative as well, so you can laugh, love AND learn! And the swishing ponytail: need I say more?

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

6. Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves me?

With an absolutely ridiculous premise (that only gets more so as the series goes on), hilarious running gags, and a wacky cast to round it out, the show is comedy gold! There are also some emotional moments to help balance things out and some great interactions with all the characters. Joro himself is also hilarious, especially when he starts catching onto the running gags themselves. Some light fan service (but more in one particular episode), and Pansy’s stalker demeanor is a little worrying. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic show, and here is hoping it gets a second season!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

5. Toradora!

The humor is wonderful, the characters are solid (Minori is best girl, change my mind!) and there are a number of very impactful emotional moments that dip this show straight into drama territory, especially near the end. The only issue with this show is that, while Taiga and Ryugi do make a good couple, going from caring about each other to being romantically involved seems sudden, especially on Ryugi’s part, but once it does happen, they commit completely. Also Taiga being so violent towards Ryugi at the beginning of the series is troubling, but she has plenty of opportunities later to show how much she cares. Seeing their relationship was cute, and as unlikely as it seems, they make a great couple. A wonderful anime that I would highly recommend!

Can be found on: Netflix/Crunchyroll

4. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

This one won my heart! The humor is great, the characters so loveable and the fact that it is about gamers really struck a chord with me. Not only that, but the romance between Moriko and Yuta is so precious it makes me want to die! The only sad part is that it only has 10 episodes, due to the manga author’s failing health. But who knows: one can always hope he gets better enough to keep writing, and then we get even more adventures with these two! But even if not, it was still an amazing ride, and I enjoyed every minute!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

3. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

This one is amazing! The show is hilarious, the concept is singular, the characters are fantastic and we care about them in a way that you wouldn’t expect given how prideful and unnecessarily obtuse they can be. Normally we see couples being stubborn and prideful and we resent them, but this show makes us endeared to them even more. Plus, the line of the narrator saying, “He/she is lying…” is endlessly memable. In fact Chika has already been memed quite a bit, so its popularity is already evident. Though you might find yourself screaming at the screen “Oh just kiss already!”  more than once (or a dozen times).  We know they will get there, but it will have to wait, at least, till season 3!

Can be found on: Season 1: Hulu/Crunchyroll, Seasons 1&2 on 

2. Fruits Basket (2019)

Rarely does a late addition make such an impact as this one, but Fruits Basket deserves this spot! It is likely that it could usurp #1 after the 3rd season drops, but we shall see. For now, with wonderful characters, delightful humor throughout, tons of heart and pathos, this show delivers! Tohru is so precious and I just love seeing her on screen, especially as she heals all the trauma the Soma family has had to endure. It also displays a unique look at abuse and manipulation, which adds to the depth to the show, along with giving us a truly hateable villain. It also is set to be the longest RCA, with 25 episodes inbound with season 3, which will end up with 75 in total! So please, please, PLEASE check it out! You won’t be sorry!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll/Hulu

1. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Why this RCA is not on more peoples’ lists is beyond me! It is a crime against both romance and comedy, and I will not rest until this anime gets the recognition it deserves! It combines great comedy, utterly lovable characters, beautiful animation, and a fun look at a uniquely Japanese phenomenon that is unforgettable!

But what truly separates this show, and why I decided to award it my top show is this: more than any other anime on the list it has so many layers to it, with the complex psychology of Rikka and her relationship with the world, chunibyo and Yuta. More than any other RCA, this one truly explores the concepts of love, growing up and what reality means to all of us. Plus, Yuta and Rikka are so cute together, it is so so SO WHOLESOME!!!!!

If there was any way I could be in charge of this show, I would make 2 more seasons to explore them in college, married life and eventually having kids, because these two deserve it! But I will concede that the movie ended things wonderfully and the fact that I love this show that much is proof enough that it deserves this spot! This is an absolute must watch for anyone who loves RCAs, as you will laugh, cry and have your heart melt over this winner of an anime!

Can be found on: Seasons 1&2 on Netflix/Crunchyroll, Movies and OVAs on YouTube

So that is my list! Hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you thought below! Do you agree? Do you disagree? Did I totally underrate your favorite and now you are out for revenge?! Are there any others that I haven’t mentioned that you think are worth a watch? Drop me a line, I would love to talk!

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    1. Glad you liked the list! I have seen Wotakoi, but it didn’t make the list. It might get a second season, so it could get better! I intend to watch Place to Place, see how it goes. I also intend to update the list soon, got some good ones to add! Stay tuned!

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