Top 25 Rom-Com Anime Couples!

Watching two people fall in love is one of the most wholesome things in existence, and this list has that in spades! My criteria is, again, subjective, but I did try to group them how I saw them in terms of their relationship, and how they treat one another. Also another handy-dandy ranking guide, for your convenience. So lets get to the couples!

Ranking Guide:

25-19 (It’s a Harem: Pick your favorite!)

18-14 (OK Couples: often one sided)

13-10 (Good Couples: nice to watch)

9-6 (Great Couples: watching is a joy!)

5-2 (Amazing Couples: Soul Mates detected!)

1 (Best couple ever!)

25.  Raku, Chitoge, Onodera, Seishiro, and Marika


Hoo boy, more ladies, more problems! The relationship that is most important is centered around the three “Key” girls, as each has a key, had time with Raku when they were younger and vaguely remember making a promise to him during that time. While entertaining to watch at times, especially given Raku and Chitoge’s fake relationship can lead to some very amusing misunderstandings, the relationships never really go anywhere. Raku does help each girl out to one extent or another, but the girls are either too shy to admit how they feel (Onodera), are Tsunderes and only figure out that they like him after a while but still can’t admit it (Chitoge), are overly clingy and this actually makes Raku uncomfortable (Marika) or realize that their feelings could jeopardize their relationship with the others (Seishiro). And since the anime ends without figuring out who made the promise, it will remain in limbo forever. But then again, you can always pretend he got together with your favorite girl: that’s the appeal of a harem, isn’t it?

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

24. Kazuya, Chizuru, Mami, Ruka and Sumi

(Rent A Girlfriend)

An unusual harem, as some of it starts from business. Kazuya is a kind, but ultimately unlucky in love young man, given his track record with girls. In spite of this, Kazuya is a very sensitive person, who wears his heart on his sleeve, as he still has very strong feelings for Mami at the start of the show. But as the season goes on, he soon starts losing his feelings for Mami in exchange for his growing attraction to Chizuru instead. He is open to dating Ruka, but is put out by her clinginess. To him, Sumi is certainly cute, but still treats her as a practice partner and nothing more.

Chizuru, though on the first date acts sweet and nice, is often blunt and annoyed at Kazuya, showing that she does have (an understandable) case of the Tsuns. However, there are a number of times that she helps him out that go beyond being a rental girlfriend and several other girls have seen this and conclude that she has feelings for him as well. She then wonders to herself whether she does or not (she totally does).

Mami starts out looking all nice and sweet, but she is a jealous, vindictive little harpy who dumped Kazuya after one month, and can’t stand the fact that he bounced back so quickly (and with someone way hotter than she is). Honestly I don’t care if she still has any feelings for him, I want her gone, PERIOD!

Ruka, though at first embarrassed by Kazuya, due to an unfortunate accident, falls for him quickly seeing how caring he is with her and Chizuru. She is really clingy, but is very honest with her feelings, and doggedly determined. She would be my #2 choice.

Sumi, though painfully shy, is a very determined girl as well, and appreciated what Kazuya did for her on their date. She only appeared in one episode so far, so we will have to see what season 2 brings. Although, if I were to guess, knowing narrative structure, it will be Kazuya and Chizuru, which is not a bad match by any stretch.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

23. Tomoya, Eriri, Utaha, Megumi, and Michiru (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend)

Now a game dev harem! For Tomoya, he is most focused on building the game itself, and isn’t interested in the girls’ advances, often to the point of being incredibly flustered at certain points. Though there are some moments where he seems to be interested, if just a bit. All the girls have their own past with Tomoya, and each wants to have a future with him, though the road to get there is not going to be easy. Whether it is because of Tsudere tendencies and past betrayals (Eriri), being overly flirtatious to the point of being aggressive (Utaha), being boring as a brick (Megumi) or being his COUSIN (Michiru), the girls are going to have to do something dramatic to get him to notice them. Let’s let the movie sort this whole mess out!

Can be found on: Season 1 on Crunchyroll/ Seasons 1&2 on Prime Video

22. Seiji, Akane, Yuzu, and Guri

(Love Tyrant)

The Harem from Hell! (though technically half Hell, since Guri is half angel half demon…) While it is hilarious watching the hijinx of these three girls with Seiji, it is not a fun ride for him.

Akane is a dangerous yandere, who always seems to have khukris a plenty, but we do find out that she loves Seiji in spite of the emotional stunting inflicted on her by her mother, and most likely is so violent because she feels a need to defend it against said stunting.

Yuzu is strange, since she starts out being attracted to Akane and resents Seiji for a good part of the show, though she starts having some feelings for him in spite of herself.

Guri is playful and oftentimes the source of numerous headaches for everyone else, but her innocent desire to understand romance and what love means are endearing and seeing her heartbroken is so painful to watch. But she gets better, so it is all good.

The fun part about this harem is it is also the only RCA where it IS an actual harem: The Kiss Note says anyone whose name is written and the people kiss will be together forever. So Seiji is going to be stuck with these three women for the rest of eternity! Have fun with that! (also Shikimi gets nothing, since no Kiss Note for her and she is a Sado-Masochist and just flat out terrifying).

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

21. Joro, Himawari, Cosmos, Pansy, Asunaro, Tsubaki and Sansaqua (Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?)

6 GIRLS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! This isn’t a harem, it’s a whole flower bed! (Get it, because all the girls are nicknamed with flower names?) Joro, while at first disappointed that Himawari and Cosmos are both interested in Sun-chan, soon finds himself surrounded by girls, most specifically Himawari, Cosmos and Pansy, but the other girls show up as well. His goals change from getting with the Sun-chan reject, to becoming the ultimate Harem master! He does, however, help the girls out with their problems, even when the girls bungle their own date ideas in the most ridiculous ways (Samurai Lord Cosmos, anyone?). As for the girls themselves, they all have their reasons for falling for him, but through his efforts, they also become friends and at the end of the day, Joro fulfills the promise he made to Pansy. Though when he tried to get them all to date him at once it backfired horrendously. But who knows: there may be someone who still loves you!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

20. Nariyuki, Fumino, Rizu, Uruka, Kirisu, and Asumi

(We Never Learn: Bokuben)

Now an Academic harem! Nariyuki helps out all the girls in various ways, mostly with tutoring the students. What is interesting is how the girls handle their feelings is actually much better written than most other shows: Fumino holds back her feelings because Uruka confided in her, so that is why she doesn’t want to admit that she also likes Nariyuki; Rizu has a slight (ever so slight) case of the Tsuns, but this is mostly due to her poor understanding of human interactions; Uruka likes Nariyuki, but is so nervous about it (since she has liked him since middle school but never got the courage to tell him) that the pressure has made it so she can’t confess directly (though she does try other methods…); Kirisu has some feelings for Nariyuki, but as a teacher, and being older than he is, this is not something she can explore much; Asumi has a very teasing personality, so she would never admit she likes him, and would much rather toy with his affections. Although the manga apparently ends with 5 different endings (one for each girl), I personally believe the Uruka ending makes the most amount of sense (though I might be a little biased, since she is also my favorite!). All in all, a rather pretty little harem!

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

19. Catarina, Geordo, Alan, Keith, Nicol, Mary and Maria (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!)

A massive, six party, bisexual harem!? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?!?! Though to be fair, Catarina herself is completely oblivious to all of this, only focused not triggering her Doom Flags. She is convinced that everyone around her are her good friends and nothing romantic is going on. How dense is she?! All the others, however, have gone from how they were canonically, either being betrothed unwillingly (Geordo), indifferent (Alan), bullied (Keith), sister obsessed (Nicol), interested in someone else (Mary) or tormented (Maria), to turning their romantic affections towards our dense main character, and oftentimes are butting heads over who gets to be with Catarina. All of them, however, all were affected positively by Catarina, who is a much kinder version, and so all of them falling for her are nice and wholesome. The women falling for her is a little odd, but since games like this have bisexual characters, I guess it all works out in the end!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

18. Arima and Miyazawa (His and Her Circumstances)

Well these two certainly got off on the wrong foot! Both are not honest about who they are and I suppose that’s why they work well together. Both are very sweet and loving with each other and watching their relationship is a very honest one, especially in the often awkward and nervous way that young couples are. Although there is one very uncomfortable aspect of their relationship: Arima suffers from childhood trauma and has abandonment issues, which affect his relationship with Miyazawa. At one point, when he thinks she doesn’t love him anymore, throws her to a wall and tells her that even if she hates him he still will be with her. He also is hinted at becoming more possessive as the series concludes, but we don’t see more of that. It might be best just to leave it at that…

Can be found on: YouTube

17.  Kurasuma and Tenma (School Rumble)

An odd couple these two are! For a long time, Tenma was the one who was the most invested in this relationship, but as Kurasuma was stoic, it was almost impossible to gauge how he felt about her. There was at least one moment where he said he liked curry over her, but they do go out a few times. At the end, though, Kurasuma reveals to Harima that he does love Tenma, but due to his strange illness, would not remember her eventually, and didn’t want that for Tenma. Tenma, however, went to his side and though he would forget most of what happened in his High School years, she would be there helping him through it all. Special mention goes to Harima, showing surprising maturity, realizing that, though he loves Tenma, she doesn’t love him back, so he instead helps her be with the man she loves. Hope you find love too, buddy!

Can be found on: Hulu/OVAs 1&2 on Amazon Video/ OVAs 3&4 on Facebook

16. Hachiman and Yukino

(My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

For a while, there was no couple, as Hachiman shut down Yui’s feelings towards him, seeing them as not being romantic, but born of gratitude for saving her dog and pity at him getting injured. It wasn’t until the end of season 2 that he began to develop feelings for the girls and vice-versa. While it was uncertain at first whom he would end up with, time and again he would side with helping Yukino out over spending more time with Yui. He promised he would save her, and helped her out several times during the Prom and after. Yukino also kept the photo of when they went to the amusement park, showing that the usually cold and reserved girl truly cherished him. However, even after confessing, he seems embarrassed by normal dating activities, and is absolutely shocked when Yukino says that she loves him, which happens only a few days after he confesses to her. Self esteem issues plague both of them, and Yui is still stuck with having feelings for Hachiman, but also wanting to stay friends with Yukino. In the end though, it is a good couple. 

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

15. Haida and Retsuko (Aggretsuko)

While it is only implied that these two have started dating at the end of the 3rd Season, I have high hopes for these two. For most of the series it has been one sided, with Haida liking Retsuko, but she doesn’t feel the same way. All the while she falls for someone just to have her heart broken, and having to try again later. The interactions between the two of them are sweet, and Haida not only helps Retsuko with her guitar playing but also saves her from a deranged fan. He even convinces her to get out of her shell after the attack by saying “let’s get back at the world together!” along with singing a rock rap. I think the two of them will do just fine.

Can be found on: Netflix

14. Takumi and Misaki


This one gets half way on the list because, despite having great moments of care from Takumi and the two working together extremely well for each others’ well-being, in the end Misaki still doesn’t accept her feelings for Takumi and seems to be reluctantly in love with him.  If the anime continued, it would’ve been better. Oh well, c’est la vie. 

Can be found on: Netflix/Hulu

13. Hirotaka and Narumi (Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku)

Two nerds trying to date! These two have an interesting relationship, as they were childhood friends, but had not seen each other for years, so they have some past history. They also are both Otakus and thus are more accepting of their lifestyles than others in their lives. However, for most of the show it is uncertain for each if they are dating just out of convenience or because they actually like each other. When they do realize that they like each other, it is sweet, and helps push them to think more seriously about their relationship. It is also funny to see them go on a date and try (and fail miserably) to not be Otakus, only to realize that they are each most comfortable being themselves, and that each other are the people they are most comfortable with! It is also funny since Hirotaka has been in love with Narumi for a while, but she doesn’t realize that and Hirotaka quickly tries to hide that fact out of embarrassment. A solid pairing, which would be fun to see them continue.

Can be found on: Amazon Prime Video

12. Hajime and Kaoru

(I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying)

These two are very cute together, despite being very different people. While their marriage seemed a little strained at first, throughout the series they grow closer and by the end, as they are expecting their first child, you can’t help but smile to think of what the future brings for these two. A solid couple, who are beginning to understand each other.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

11. Tomoe and Nanami

(Kamisama Kiss)

These two have had a memorable journey to get here. While initially not liking each other, mostly on Tomoe’s part as he finds humans to be frail and weak and viewing Nanami as a useless human girl, their relationship does bloom, if only partially. Tomoe always pulls through to help Nanami, and Nanami shows surprising courage and resolve, especially to help out Tomoe. The main source of contention for these two is the fact that both are VERY stubborn people and when they butt heads it gets nasty! However, this can also work in their favor, as when they focus on a task, nothing will stop them! We know where they are headed, just wish we could’ve seen it on screen.

Can be found on: Hulu

10.Otani and Koizumi (Lovely Complex)

What are they? A couple or a comedy duo?! Actually, they are both! These two, while they do bicker, argue and insult each other a fair amount, actually display a great principle of healthy relationships: mutual regard. They have so much fun together and think highly of each other, so their arguments seem to stem from their hotheadedness and insecurities over their height, rather than them not liking or respecting each other. Koizumi for a while had an unrequited love for Otani who either didn’t know who she was interested in, didn’t believe her when she said it, couldn’t see her as girlfriend material, or was too insecure to express his feelings. This caused a lot of pain for Koizumi, and more than once she wanted to give up her feelings. But in the end they both support one another, and actually make a great couple. Also as a fun bonus, they win the award for most PDA, with a total of 6 onscreen kisses! Though the question is: who won the bet? Do they both get each other the video game and basketball shoes? I guess we’ll never know.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

9. Ryuji and Taiga


What an emotional rollercoaster these two went through! While Taiga was borderline abusive to Ryuji at first, she cares so deeply for him that she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to make him happy. His care for her is also adorable and I love the phrase he uses “Only a Dragon is worthy to stand with a Tiger”. They are a cute opposite couple, with Ryuji towering over the Palm-Top Tiger, and seeing Taiga be sweet and kind is a great change of pace over how she used to be. A solid couple, though you should see their competition!

Can be found on: Netflix/Crunchyroll

8. Sakuta and Mai

(Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

These two have a great relationship, if a little rocky at first on Mai’s part. For Sakuta, though snarky as he is, there is no doubt how strongly he loves her, as his confession of love literally wills her back into reality. But what I was impressed with, despite her somewhat condescending attitude, is when he was comforted by someone he knew from his past during the incident with his sister, she is hurt not because she is jealous, but because she couldn’t help him herself, showing how much she cares as well. They also have some great little lines, like Sakuta having Mai answer the phone again “more like a newlywed this time”.

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

7. Takeo and Yamato

(My Love Story!!)

This one is so sweet! Watching them interact is so pure and loving you just can’t help it. It is especially touching when Takeo is convinced that Yamato isn’t interested in him, so Suna makes Yamato repeat her confession to Takeo, who unbeknownst to Yamato (but knownst to us!) is hiding (somehow) under the bed, so many times that there is no doubt in that big head of his that Yamato loves him. All in all, very sweet, and I think they are a great pair!

Can be found on: Hulu/Crunchyroll

6. Takishima and Hikari (Special A)

These two are a power couple! Although Hikari sees their dynamic as friends and rivals, Takishima is clearly gone on her from the very first episode. Watching him care for her, whether it is shielding her from their opponents in a wrestling match, eating her badly prepared rice balls and saying they are delicious, or punching Yahiro for trying to touch her, Takishima always puts Hikari first. What is great about their dynamic is, though Takishima does tease Hikari (calling her Miss Second Place, which inexplicably causes a large stone #2 to fall from the sky on her), this also pushes her to always do her best and give it her all to beat him, though she never does. She lives for the challenges he gives her and this has made her into an impressive woman, second only to Takishima. Let’s face it, he is as Gary Stu as you can get, but in a fun way. Takishima also hasn’t let his money or success go to his head, as if anyone dares insult his friends, or especially Hikari, he will be the first to defend them. I think these two will make a great team sometime in the future. It just took a while since Hikari was literally the last person to figure out that she likes Takishima. She is rather thickheaded, after all….

Can be found on: Hulu

5. Shinya and Ayame

(Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It!)

When nerds fall in love! These two are so great to watch, even if it takes Shinya a little bit to find out he is in love with Ayame. What is unique about them is that Shinya had a profound impact on Ayame’s life, by inspiring her as a little kid (not knowing it was her or remembering he did this) to pursue her career in science and look good doing it! Shinya is sometimes oblivious to what to do and is more focused on the science than romance, but when it matters most, he is surprisingly sweet. Ayame is also considerate and thoughtful, and seeing the two of them nerd out over romance is a joy to behold. But one of the best parts is when a guy is hitting on Ayame and she says no and then proceeds to show him a graph why, Shinya steps in and after dumping a metric truckload of scientific data on him, says “If even with all of this data I can’t definitively say that I am in love with her, what makes you think you have any say on being in love with her?!” These two are a great couple, if only they got there a little sooner.

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

4. Nasa and Tsukasa (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You)

These two are simply adorable! Though they haven’t known each other for very long at all (they meet once and then years later get married), they both are extremely dedicated to each other. They are both kind, patient, considerate, and have nothing but the sweetest things to say about one another. Oftentimes Nasa has to ask why Tsukasa loves him so much, since he can hardly believe it himself, but seeing how caring he is with everyone around him gives us plenty of reason why Tsukasa loves him. Tsukasa herself also shows her care for him, starting with how she saved him on the first night they met and was impressed by his determination, in spite of him being severely injured, to confess his love to her. She also is very conscious about Nasa’s financial situation and never pressures him into getting more than she needs, oftentimes down playing what she wants in order for them to stay in budget. Their apprehension and innocent discomfort over physical intimacy (especially with Nasa worrying that he is doing something immoral, forgetting of course that he is MARRIED to Tsukasa, which by law means, as long as it is consensual, it’s not immoral) is both humorous and touching, as they slowly get used to living together. These interactions feel very natural and realistic, as both these two are teenagers, trying to adjust to a new situation. I would love to see these two continue, as they show that, despite not knowing much about each other, are well on their way to being an amazing couple, who love, honor and respect one another. It is not hard to tell each one is over the Moon for the other!

Can be found on: Cruncyroll

3. Miyamura and Hori (HoriMiya)

These two are so precious! Their romance is so unique, so well suited for each other, it is hard to put into words (but I will try!). They have countless moments that are unique to them, moments that really capture how they fall for each other in very special ways, but if I had to pick a few, here they are: when Hori becomes distressed because she isn’t like a lot of the cutesy girls and thinks Miyamura will come to dislike her, he tells her, “I didn’t fall in love with a normal girl: I fell in love with you”. She realizes it is the same for her as well: she didn’t fall in love with a normal guy, she fell for Miyamura. Another moment is when Miyamura tells a younger version of himself that, although middle school is rough, he will have friends in High School, and most importantly, “She is waiting for you”. Hori’s masochism surprisingly is a great indicator of how well they work together, as when a fellow classmate says that he is also in love with Hori, Miyamura poses the question: Would you be able to hit Hori? When the guy flat out rejects the notion, Miyamura then concludes, “Then you could never be with Hori”. Miyamura also is beloved by Hori’s family, which is a great start to any relationship. I just love these two so much, and I know they are going to be great together!

Can be found on: Hulu/Dub on

2. Yuta and Moriko

(Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

These two are so SO precious! Having been very good friends online for years (but not knowing it until late in the series), they already have a very firm foundation. The joy they have playing together and the fact that they found each other online and in person repeatedly is a great sign. But what makes these two great is that Yuta is so kind and caring toward Moriko, even when she doesn’t feel like she is worth it. Their innocent reactions to each other are adorable and the joy each gets while talking about the game is so heartwarming. While they may just be starting out as a couple when the series ended (TOO SOON!!!!!), I have no doubt these two will be amazing together. Honestly it is this kind of a relationship, where they are good friends and share a love of gaming, that I want in my life (I know, I know, I have wishful thinking, but still!). Plus when Yuta sees Moriko dressed up for drinks and tells Koiwai on the phone, “She looks so beautiful, I’m kinda grateful you’re not here to see it”, you can’t help but swoon (Hey! Guys can swoon over stuff like that too, k?! Wish I had a girl to say that to…). In addition, Yuta helps inspire Moriko to better herself for both her own and Yuta’s sake. I want more than anything to see these two keep going, it is too precious!

Can be found on: Crunchyroll

1. Yuta and Rikka

(Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions)

There is a reason that they are number 1, they are such a perfect couple! They help each other grow, they support one another, and both are looking to make the other happy in the best way possible. If you need anymore proof, I have an entire analysis on the subject. To summarize, Yuta always is sensitive to Rikka’s needs, and understands her better than anyone else. Rikka thinks the world of Yuta and pushes herself to be a better person for Yuta and always puts him first. Honestly, I would love to see the story continue with these two, even into adult years and married life, because they are just that amazing. Yuta and Rikka deserve their spot as the best Rom-com Anime Couple! They are perfect for each other, what else can you say?

Can be found on: Netflix/Crunchyroll, Movies and OVAs on YouTube

So there you have it! Where would your rankings of couples go? Some higher? Some lower? Did I wreck your dream couple and you are out for blood?! Let me know in the comments below, and tell me about other awesome couples! I am always up for a great romance!

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